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'AC' Catches Unbelievable River

On a heads-up turn of [9h10cKcJd], Adrain 'AC' Curry led out for 30,000 but then Leobardo Zamora moved all in to cover him.

"Well, alright, lets go," Curry announced as he slid in the remainder of his stack to put himself at risk.

Zamora flipped over [KhQc] for a king-high straight while Curry flipped over [Ad8d] for just ace-high. Miraculously, the [Qh] smacked down on the river to give Curry the nut straight to the ace to win the pot. Zamora, along with the rest of the table was stunned by what just took place while Curry happily raked in the pot for a big double.

"Man, once people hear about that hand there's going to be a line out the door for registration tomorrow," tablemate Derek Normand commented and shared a laugh with the table.


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