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Al-Mandhar Al-Badi Gets Max Value from Jeff Nowling

On a heads-up completed board of [6dJh5c3cQc], Jeff Nowling checks over to Al-Mandhar Al-Badi, who fires a bet of 135,000 into the pot of around 120,000.

Nowling goes into the tank for a good while to think about this one, as he will be left short if he loses the hand.

After close to two minutes, he sets out a stack to make the call but is shown the bad news when AL-Badi rolls over [Ac7c] for the runner-runner nut flush. Nowling shakes his head and mucks his cards as the massive pot is shipped over to Al-Badi, increasing his chip lead.

Al-Mandhar Al-Badi - 630,000

Jeff Nowling - 55,000


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