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Al-Mandhar Al-Badi KOs Gerardo Gonzalez

Gerardo Gonzalez moves all in preflop for 65,500 and Nawaz Charania calls, but then Al-Mandhar Al-Badi shoves over the top for much more, covering Charania.

Charania goes into the tank for close to a minute, eventually folding what he admitted to be pocket sevens.

Al-Badi then flips over [AsKs] while Gonzalez tables [10h10s] for a classic flip.

"Ten!" Al-Badi shouts as the flop comes out [QhJc2s] to give him a gutshot straight draw, but he no longer needs it when the [Kh] peels off on the turn to give him the lead. The river is the brick [4s] to award him the substantial pot while Gonzalez heads to the exit.

Al-Mandhar Al-Badi - 480,000 Gerardo Gonzalez - Eliminated


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