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Alaniz Catches River on Anderson, then Scores Bounty

Billy Anderson limped from UTG, Arnold Alaniz in the cutoff opened to 800, but then Anderson limp-raised to 2,000. Alaniz made the call and the two went heads-up to a flop of [5h9c8d].

After some back-and-forth betting, the two players got all the money in the middle, with Alaniz at risk.

Anderson then tabled [KsKh] and needed to hold against the [AcQc] of Alaniz for one over and the nut flush draw.

Unfortunately for Anderson, the runout came [8dJc] to give Alaniz the nut flush to win the pot, leaving Anderson short.

The very next hand, Anderson got the remaining 1,500 all in multi-way but Alaniz hit trip threes on the river to bust him, scoring the bounty.


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