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Allen Holds in 3-Way All in

Level 11: Blinds 2k/4k/4k

Evan Thompson opened to 10,000, then Steven Allen to his left three-bet to 25,000. Theron Cook then decided it was good time to get his chips in and he four-bet jammed around 300,000, covering both players.

Neither Thompson nor Allen hesitated to make the call and the cards were quickly on their backs, with Allen and Thompson at risk.

Evan Thompson: [Ah10d]

Steven Allen: [KsKh]

Theron Cook: [8s8d]

Allen was a big favorite with his pocket kings, and the board of [Qc7h5c2s3h] was pure for him to scoop the big pot for almost a triple-up. Thompson was eliminated in the process and Cook took a big hit.

Evan Thompson: 0

Steven Allen: 370,000

Theron Cook: 120,000


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