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And Just Like that, Shaw's Back in the Game

Eric Yates opened to 110,000 and Michael Boyd made the call behind, but then David Shaw moved all in for 410,000. Yates quickly shoved the rest of his stack in for more and after some thought, Boyd also called it off for less.

"And just like that, we're over a mildly!" Shaw announced triumphantly as he flipped over [AsAh] against the [QcQs] of Yates and [JhJc] of Boyd.

Shaw was in a great position to gain a mound of chips, and the runout was pure for him as it came [3sKh3d3c] with the [Ac] on the river just for added protection. He was then shipped the massive pot while Boyd was sent to the payout desk and Yates was left short.

Michael Boyd - Eliminated

David Shaw - 1,450,000

Eric Yates - 390,000


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