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Asi Takes Down Massive 4-Way All In

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

Joel Patzke, Trilok Ghanshyam, Theophilus Anderson, and Bassel Asi all found themselves all in before the flop, with Ghanshyam covering.

Joel Patzke: [4s6s]

Bassel Asi: [AhKc]

Trilok Ghanshyam: [QhJh]

Theophilus Anderson: [QsQc]

Anderson was in a great position to quadruple up with his pocket queens, but the flop of [5cac9d] quickly killed that as Asi took the lead with his pair of aces.

The board completed with the [4d8s] to secure his victory in the massive pot to skyrocket his chip stack to 740,000 while Patzke and Anderson were sent to the rail and Ghanshyam was left short.


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