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Back-to-Back Big Ones for Burchfield

On a heads-up completed board of [10d2d6hJdKc], Ravee Sundara led for 200,000 and then Kris Burchfield shoved for 387,000.

"Oh man, I don't think I can get away from this one," Sundara sighed as he began replaying the hand's action out loud. After a good minute or so, he made the call, showing [Kd5d] for the second nut flush, but Burchfield had the goods with [Ad4d] and he was shipped the big pot.

The very next hand, a preflop betting frenzy broke out when Burchfield, Charlie Nguyen, and Arnold Alaniz got all of the chips into the middle.

"Not gonna lie, kind of a big pot over here," Burchfield said to the onlookers of the neighboring table.

Nguyen: [Ad8d]

Alaniz: [6h6d]

Burchfield: [KhKs]

If Burchfield was uncomfortable at any point before the flop, that quickly changed as it came [Kc8h8c] to give him the nut full house.

"He still has outs!" Burchfield said, mentioning Nguyen who could still hit quads. No quads came on the turn, but just to add another layer of grossness in the hand, the [6s] peeled on the river to give Alaniz a meaningless full house.

Burchfield then scooped the massive pot to rocket him to the top of the chip counts while Alaniz and Nguyen hit the rail.

Kris Burchfield - 1,550,000


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