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Back to Back Doubles for Shannon

Level 13: Blinds 3k/6k/6k

Nefi Shannon and Jared Stearns got all the chips in the middle preflop, with Shannon at risk of elimination.

Nefi Shannon: [6d6c]

Jared Stearns: [3s3c]

Shannon was in good shape going into this matchup, and the flop of [6hKhKc] was fairly good for him as it left Stearns drawing only to running quads.

The [5s] on the turn sealed Shannon's victory and the pot was pushed his way after the meaningless [Ad] fell on the river.

Two hands later, Shannon moved all in once again and was called by Brandon Eberle to put him at risk and the cards were tabled.

Shannon flipped over pocket aces while Eberle tabled pocket tens and the board ran out [6h4cQs7s2s] to give Shannon yet another double-up.

Nefi Shannon: 240,000

Jared Stearns: 215,000

Brandon Eberle: 135,000


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