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Baier Flops the Joint

Level 22: Blinds 25k/50k/50k

On a heads-up turn of [Qd10sAc3c], Wladimir Schlosser checked over to Dexter Baier who then placed a bet of 145,000 into the 600,000 pot.

Schlosser decided to make the call and the two went to the river [5s] which saw another check from Schlosser.

Baier then reached for chips and set out a bet of 305,000 and the action was back to Schlosser.

"Ok, I call," he announced as he set out chips but was then quickly shown [KdJd] by Baier for the nut straight.

"I got lucky," Baier shrugged as he raked in the pot to boost his stack to over 2 million as Schlosser was left with only 575,000.

Wladimir Schlosser: 575,000

Dexter Baier: 2,100,000


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