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Baier Shoves on Lewis

Level 21: Blinds 20k/40k/40k

Ona heads-up completed board of [2sQh7c10s9d], Princeton Lewis checked to his opponent Decter Baier, who then pushed his stack of 505,000 into the pot of around 750,000.

This move sent Lewis deep into the tank as he considered his two options. He was currently sitting on 1,000,000 in chips so the decision was worth roughly half his stack.

"Come on, just let me get one through," Baier said after a while, further adding to Lewis' dilemma.

After another minute or so, Lewis tossed in his cards face-up, showing [AcQs] for top-pair top-kicker to which Baier quickly mucked and was awarded the large pot.

Dexer Baier: 1,275,000

Princeton Lewis: 1,000,000


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