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Bearden Knocks out Kabbani

Level 12: Blinds 2.5k/5k/5k

Short-stacked Rashid Kabbani moved all in and Seth Bearden shipped his stack for more, the remaining players folded around and the cards were tabled.

Rashid Kabbani: [10cJc]

Seth Bearden: [AcKs]

"Well, I've got two live cards," Kabbani commented not-so-confidently.

The board ran out [7h2h3hQc6h] to give Bearden the win with his ace-high and Kabbani was eliminated.

"Ugh, should have been more patient. good playing with you guys," Kabbani tapped the table and headed towards the exit.

Rashid Kabbani: 0

Seth Bearden: 153,000


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