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Benjamin Harris Eliminated in 12th/ Moe Tokko in 11th ($2,760)

On a heads-up flop of [Ah3d9c), ALl the chips got in the middle between Benjamin Harris and Carter Elkins, with Harris covering.

Harris tabled [ac10c] for top pair but was in bad shape against Elkins' [9d9h] for a set of nines. The turn [Jc] did give Harris outs with the nut flush draw, but the river was the [9s] to give Elkins quads for overkill and he was shipped the pot. Harris was left short after that exchange and ended up busting a few hands later.

Meanwhile, at the other table, Moe Tokko moved all in with [7c8c] and was called by Neil Vora with [AcKd] to put him at risk.

The board ran out [6d2c10s3h3c] to give Vora the win with his ace-high and Tokko was sent to the payout desk in 11th place.

Benjamin Harris


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