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Bevans Doubles Through Sharkady

On a heads-up turn of [8cjdad2c], the pot already had around 130,000 in it when Karim Bevans moved all in for 102,500 and the action was on his opponent, Christina Sharkady.

"Ughh, I really do not want to double you up, but screw it, let's go," she announced as she slid out a stack to put Bevans at risk.

Bevans: [ac9c]

Christina Sharkady: [khjs]

Bevans was a big favorite with his ace and nut flush draw, he just needed to fade any king or jack. Luckily for him, the river was the [9d] to improve him to two-pair and he was shipped the pot for the double.

Karim Bevans: 342,000

Christina Sharkady: 435,000


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