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Big Hold for Holst

Adolfo Becerril made it 21,000 to go on a flop of [9c8h3c] and then Michael Holst moved all in for around 85,000.

Becerril thought about it for a second but decided to make the call to put Holst at risk.

Michael Holst: [9d10d]

Adolfo Becerril: [AccKc]

"Now that's a flip!" someone at the table commented as the dealer prepared the pot.

Holst was ahead with his pair of nines but needed to fade any ace, king, or club to stay alive.

Luckily for him, the runout came [4dQh] for hi to scoop the pot for the double-up, much to the dismay of Becerril.

Michael Holst : 175,000

Adolfo Becerril: 80,000


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