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Big Squeeze From Thompson

Level 13: 3k/6k/6k

David Sherman moved all in for 48,000 and was quickly called by Brandon Johnson. But then Shawn Thompson re-shoved over the top for much more, covering Johnson.

Johnson shook his head and promptly folded, admitting he had ace-jack of clubs as the other cards were tabled.

David Sherman: [AhJh]

Shawn Thompson: [AsAd]

Sherman needed some help to win this one, but the board of [10c6s4h3c9c] did not provide and he was sent to the rail as Thompson was shipped the pot. Meanwhile, Johnson was kicking himself for folding what would have been the nut flush.

David Sherman: 0

Shawn Thompson: 400,000

Brandon Johnson: 250,000

Shawn Thompson


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