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Big Swings for Tran

After losing a big pot to Ziqi Qiao and doubling up Julie Than, short-stacked Lam Tran moved all in for 85,000 and was called by Chis Cummings to put him at risk.

Lam Tran: [10h10d]

Chris Cummings: [AhQd]

The board of [9c7c7d8c2s] gave Tran the victory for the double-up back to 180,000 while Cummings was left with 220,000.

A few hands later, Tran and Cummings got involved in another big pot...

On a heads-up turn of [JdKs5c6c] there was 160,000 in the middle when Cummings moved all in for 185,000.

After a few seconds, Tran, who then covered, made the call to put him at risk and the cards were tabled.

Chris Cummings: [KcQd]

Lam Tran: [AdJh]

Tran would need to hit an ace or a jack to win the pot, but the river was the [3c] to secure Cummings' victory for the double while Tran was left with crumbs.


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