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Bono Bounces Back

After losing the previous hand, short-stacked Mitchell Bono moved all in and was called by Vincent White and Nick Frank.

White and Frank checked through the flop of [7c8h8c] and went to the turn [kd], which saw a bet of 5,000 from White.

Frank made the call to see the [2s] fall on the river, to which both players checked again and the cards were tabled for the side pot.

Vincent White: [QsJd]

Nick Frank: [3s4s]

White won the side pot with queen- high and then Bono flipped over [asjc] for ace high to scoop the main pot for a nice triple-up.

White ended up busting a few hands later.

Mitchell Bono: 70,000

Vincent White: 0

Nick Frank: 250,000


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