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Both Nguyen and Iorns Bust with Tens ($2,400)

After an open by Will Nguyen, big stack Zvi Eisenberg ripped it all in to cover him and sent him into the tank. After a couple of seconds, Nguyen set out a stack as a call and the cards were tabled.

Will Nguyen: [10h10s]

Zvi Eisenberg: [JhJd]

"Ugh, I knew it," Nguyen groaned as he saw what he was up against.

The board did him no favors with the [5dQc5hQh8h] runout and he was sent to the rail in 12th place for a payout of $2,400.

The very next hand, Daniel Iorns and John "Chip" Brooks got all the chips in the middle preflop, with Iorns at risk.

Daniel Iorns: [10h10s]

John :Chip" Brooks: [AdQd]

Iorns was leading through the turn [2hJc2c6h], but the river was a gut punch as it came the [Qc] to send him home in 11th place for $2,400.


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