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Brick Brick for Irsan

Level 9: Blinds 1k/2k/2k

After a raise to 7,000 preflop, three players saw a flop of [kd3h9h] and Nader Irsan open-jammed for 33,000. One player got out of the way and the action was then on Andrew Venegas.

"Eh, you probably flopped a set, but t call," he said after a few moments as he tossed calling chips into the middle.

"No, flush draw," replied Irsan as the cards were tabled, with Irsan at risk.

Nader Irsan: [qh4h]

Andrew Venegas: [ksqc]

Venegas was ahead with his pair of kings, and the runout of [6c10c] bricked out for Irsan and he was eliminated.

Venegas: 80,000

Nader Irsan: 0


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