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Bullock Makes the Call

Level 13: Blinds 2k/4k/4k

On a heads-up flop of [7c2h3s], Christopher Cummings had made it 12,000 to go but then Craig Bullock raised it up to 25,000. Cummings responded by moving all in, covering Bullock, who then went deep in the tank.

After about 30 seconds of pained deliberation, he finally slid out the rest of his chips to put himself at risk.

Craig Bullock: [4d4c]

Christopher Cummings: [AcKs]

Bullock's pair was ahead of Cummings' ace-high, and the turn [4h] gave him a huge lead with a set. Cummings could then only hit a five to take the pot, but the river came the [7d] to further improve Bullock to a full house and he was awarded the pot for a well-earned double.

"Man, great bet, I know I called but I really did not know what to do," Bullock admitted to Cummings, who tapped the table to congratulate him on the nice call.


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