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Calvit Calls for an Eight

Shawn Calvit opened to 30,000 preflop and Nauman Amin moved all in for around 120,000. Calvit quickly made the call to put him at risk and the cards were on their backs.

Nauman Amin: [AdKc]

Shawn Calvit: [AhQh]

"Whole lotta hearts, please," Calvit told the dealer when he saw what Amin was holding.

No hearts came on the flop [10d9s4c] but the turn [Js] did give him an open-ended straight draw.

"Eight!" he declared as the dealer prepared to put out the river, and sure enough, it was the [8h] to give him a straight to win the pot, eliminating Amin.

"See! You just gotta ask for it!" Calvit laughed as he raked in the pot while Amin was just left shaking his head as he exited the tournament area.

Nauman Amin: 0

Shawn Calvit: 325,000


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