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Calvit Catches River to Counterfeit Feng

Level 11: Blinds 1.5k/2.5k/2.5k

After being left relatively short a few hands previously, Shawn Calvit moved all in preflop and was called by Han Feng to put him at risk.

Shawn Calvit: [AsQd]

Han Feng: [6c6s]

Feng was ahead through the turn [9cJhKdKc], but now Calvit picked up even more outs, as any ace, queen, jack, ten, or nine would give him the win.

Sure enough, the river came the [9h] to counterfeit Feng and left him with just six-high while Calvit took the pot with his ace-high.

Shawn Calvit: 55,000

Han Feng: 185,000


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