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Cha Gets Max Value from Shaw

On a heads-up turn of [6cQh10s7d], Sean Cha led out for 950,000 and David Shaw made the call.

The river came the [Ks] and Cha fired again for 2,000,000 and the action was on Shaw.

"Bet, bet, bet, huh? Hmm, what do you have, Sean?" Shaw thought aloud.

"Two million? Ok, I call," Shaw announced as he tossed in a chip, but then Cha showed him the goods with [Qc6d] for a flopped two-pair and Shaw mucked.

"If we don't make that deal I don't call there," Shaw said, "I'm just feeling a little more gambly right now."

Cha just smiled as he raked in the pot to take the chip lead with 11,000,000 while Shaw was left with 5,400,000.

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