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Chips Change Hands

After a series of several big hands, a lot of the chips have moved around the table as players swap chips.

Cord Garcia and Thai Hai managed to get all the chips in preflop with big stack Garcia holding pocket aces while Ha held pocket fives. Much to Garcia's disgust, a five appeared on the flop to suck the wind out of Garcia's sails and the runout bricked to award Ha the huge double.

A few hands later, Ha and Chris Staats got all in preflop, ironically, Staats held pocket fives versus Ha's king-queen. No kings or queens appeared on the flop or turn, and the river came a five to improve Staats to a set and he was awarded the pot for a double-up.

  1. Chris Staats: 6,100,000

  2. Thai Ha: 8,200,000

  3. Matt Brayer: 4,900,000

  4. Cord Garcia: 9,560,000


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