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Christian Vaca Eliminated in 4th Place ($5,820)

After a preflop betting war, Christian Vaca and Alvis Alvarado got all the chips in the middle, with Vaca at risk.

Christian Vaca: [AdQd9h9c]

Alvis Alvarado: [AKhKc8s]

Alvarado was a favorite going in with his pocket kings, but the flop of [8d2c9d] gave Vaca the big lead with top set of nines. But that lead was to be short-lived as the [Ks] came crashing on the turn to give Alvarado the lead again with the new top set of kings. The river came the [3s] to further improve Alvarado to the nut flush and Vaca was sent to the rail in 4th place.


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