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Christopher Bello Eliminated in 10th Place ($10,420)

On a heads-up flop of [As8s2c], chip leader Praise Ogwo checked over to Christopher Bello who bet 80,000. Ogwo then check-raised him to 230,000, to which Bello responded by shoving all in for around 1,300,000.

"Welp, I made a mistake," Ogwo smiled as he was faced with the large bet.

"F*ck it," he announced as he set out a stack of chips to put Bello at risk.

Bello flipped over [Ac2d] for two pair while Ogwo tabled [7s4s] for a bare flush draw.

Unfortunately for Bello, the [5s] peeled immediately on the turn to give Ogwo the flush, and to top it off, the [6s] came on the river to give him a STRAIGHT FLUSH to send Bello to the rail in 10th place.

Christopher Bello: 0

Praise Ogwo: 7,695,000


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