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Controversy Before the Break

After action limped around, Dexter Baier moved all in from the cutoff for around 515,000. The small and big blind quickly folded but then Phu Vo announced a call and tossed out three white chips valued at 75,000. Seeing this, Sanjeev Vora quickly made the call behind. but both of these players only thought they were calling 75,000.

The floor was called over to make a ruling, and it was ruled that since the all-in button was out and there was numerous action, both players had to make the call.

"Well, this is going to suck," Baier sighed as he stood up and took a swig of his beer, pessimistic about going multi-way.

However, the board ran out [4h2d4d10c5c] after a check-down from Vo and Vora and they tabled their hands of [QdJs] and [Ac6c].

Baier then flipped over [AhQc] for ace-queen-high to take the entire pot for a huge accidental triple-up to almost 2,000,000.


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