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Cord Garcia Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,400)

On a heads-up flop of [9hJh10s], there was a series of betting that led to an all-in from Jerry Thurman and a snap call from Cord Garcia for a huge amount.

Jerry Thurman: [Ah10h]

Cord Garcia: [Qd8s]

"Well, I need a heart," Thurman said when he realized he was up against the flopped straight of Garcia, and just like that, the [3h] peeled on the river to give him the nut flush. The [Ks] on the river was meaningless and the gigantic pot was shipped over to Thurman while Garcia was left shaking his head.

After being left with barely any chips, Garcia was eliminated two hands later by Lance Nielsen who held ace-jack versus his pocket threes.


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