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Cruz Doubles; Romero Exits

Level 13: Blinds 2k/4k/4k

Edward Staples opened to 12,000 but then Luis Cruz moved all in for 34,500 and Chezz Romero moved all in behind him for more. Staple quickly got out of the way and the cards were tabled, with Cruz at risk.

Luis Cruz: [AsKh]

Chezz Romero: [QdQh]

Cruz would need some help to stay alive, and the flop sure gave it to him as it came out [AhKc9c] for top two-pair. The runout of [2dJs] changed nothing and Cruz was awarded the pot for a double-up while Romero was left with barely a big blind.

Romero then got it all in the very next hand with king-six against Christopher Herbstritt with pocket fives. A king appeared on the flop to give Romero the lead, but a five appeared on the turn to leave him dead in the water and he exited in 16th.


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