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Cummings Draws First Blood at FT

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

After an open to 20,000 from Lam Tran, short-stacked Phu Vo moved all in preflop for around 75,000 and then big stack Christopher Cummings re-shoved over the top for around 300,000.

This move by Cummings then put Tran deep in the tank for several minutes, as he had roughly the same stack.

After some time spent deliberating and thinking out loud, Tran finally decided to throw his hand away and the other two players tabled their cards.

Phu Vo: [6h6s]

Christopher Cummings: [askc]

Vo was slightly ahead with his pocket pair, but the flop of [5cKs4c] immediately gave Cummings the lead with his pair of kings, and the runout of [10hqd] sealed Vo's fate and he exited in 9th place.

Phu Vo: 0

Christopher Cummings: 430,000

Lam Tran: 300,000


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