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Cummins Has an Ace

Level 13: Blinds 3k/6k/6k

On a heads-up flop of [8dAd2h], Shawn Calvit bet out 17,000 after a check from his opponent, Randall Cummins.

Cummins made the call and the two went to the turn [6s], which saw a check from both players.

The river came the [10s] and Cummins checked once more to Calvit, who fired for 30,000 but was quickly called by Cummins.

"Ah, you got it, I missed," Calvit said.

"I have an ace," Cummins responded as he tabled [As4h] for a pair of aces and Calvit prompt;y mucked to award him the pot.

Shawn Calvin: 120,000

Randall Cummins: 280,000


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