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Cutshall KOs Kapur

Level 12: Blinds 2,500/5k/5k

In a three-way pot with one Puneet Kapur already all in, Wes Cutshall moved all in for around 120,000 on a board of [7hqh8s2s]. The action was then on his opponent, Randy Noll, who was debating his decision.

After a few moments, Noll opted to fold and the cards were tabled, With Kapur at risk.

Puneet Kapur: [10dJc]

Wes Cutshall: [7d8c]

Kapur needed to hit a nine to stay alive, but the river [5c[ did not do it for him and he was sent to the rail as Cutshall was pushed the pot.

Wes Cutshall: 260,000

Randy Noll: 160,000

Puneet Kapur, 0


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