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Darrell Smith Eliminated on Money Bubble

Level 16: Blinds 6k/12k/12k

After losing most of his stack the previous hand, Darrell Smith moved all in for his last 20,000 and was called by Miguel Pineda to put him at risk.

Darrell Smith: [Kd6c]

Mihuel Pineda: [Qc5h]

Smith was slightly ahead going into this flip, but the flop of [2hQh10h] was most unfavorable for him as it gave Pineda both a pair and a flush draw. The turn [Ah] was the nail in the coffin as it gave Pineda a flush and left Smith drawing dead. The meaningless [7s] came on the river to seal Smith's fate and he was eliminated on the stone money bubble.

Meanwhile, Pineda was jumping for joy at the fact that his Hendon Mob was just increased by $500.

"$500 at a time, baby, we're getting there!" He shouted as he shadowboxed the air.


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