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Dead on the Turn

Level 8: 800/1,600/1,600

On a flop of [7d8d4h], Keith Norris moved all in for 9,100 from the big blind and was called by Juan Paulino in middle position. Then Nefi Shannon moved all in over the top, and the action was back to Paulino.

After a couple of seconds, Paulino shrugged and put the rest of his stack in the middle and the cards were tabled, with Shannon covering.

Keith Norris: [10d4c]

Juan Paulino: [9s10s]

Nefi Shannon: [ad6d]

Norris was currently in the lead with his pair of fours, but he needed to dodge Paulino's open-ended straight draw and Shannon's flush draw.

Unfortunately for Norris and Paulino, the turn [jd] ended things quickly as it gave Shannon the nut flush. The board completed with the meaningless [10h] and Shannon was pushed the large pot as his opponents were sent to the rail.

Nefi Shannon: 90,000

Keith Norris: 0

Juan Paulino: 0

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