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Diaz Takes Down Monster Pot

Level 18: Blinds 10k/20k/20k

On a completed board of [Ac10c2dKs6s], Luis Cruz was first to act and he bet 175,000 into the already bloated pot of 550,000.

The action was then on his heads-up opponent, Adrian Diaz, who shoved all in for more.

"Wow, so he's putting me all in, huh?" Cruz muttered to himself as he went deep into the tank.

"Man, I really played my hand bad," Cruz said after a while and folded [Ad10d] face up. Diaz was then kind enough to show him [qhjs] for the stone-cold nuts as the massive pot was pushed his way.

Adrian Diaz: 1,500,000

Luis Cruz: 355,000

Adrian Diaz


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