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Dillon Kilgore Eliminated on Money Bubble

Dillon Kilgore made it 22,000 to go on a three-way turn of [4s8c10h6h] and Christopher Bello made the call to see the [8d] on the river.

Kilgore then moved all in for a little over 100,000 and Bello went into the tank.

After a good 30 seconds, Bello made the call, which Kilgore was not too happy about.

"Ughh, well I guess I'm the bubble boy," he sighed as he flipped over [Ah7h] for a busted flush draw.

Bello then flipped over [Ac4c] to win the pot with his four, eliminating Kilgore on the stone bubble.

With this elimination, all of the remaining players are now in the money with three more to go until bagging.


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