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Dougherty Doubles

Level 11: 2k/4k/4k

On a three-way flop of [3hjdjh], Jason Thompson was first to act and he bet 11,000, which was then raised all-in by James Dougherty for a total of 58,000. The action was then on Ravee "Lucky" Sundara, who decided to fold after a couple of moments of thought.

Then the action was back on Jason Thompson, who then went deep into the tank.

"Well, I'm either really right or really wrong," he said aloud after a good minute of counting and recounting his chips. He then set out chips across the line, putting Dougherty at risk as the cards were tabled.

James Dougherty: [jc8d]

Jason Thompson: [6h6s]

"Aaghh, of course!" Thompson groaned as he realized what he was up against trip jacks. He now could only hit a six to win, but the runout of [7c3c] did not deliver and the pot was shipped to Dougherty for a double-up.

James Dougherty: 135,000

Jason Thompson: 25,000

Ravee "Lucky" Sundara: 235,000

James Dougherty


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