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Dream Turn for Dupu

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

On a heads-up turn of [6sJh9c8s], Rodolfo Meraz led out for 40,000 into the pot of around 110,000 and the action was then on Sorin Dupu to his direct right.

Dupu then quickly moved all in for 149,000 total and Meraz snap-called, putting himself at risk of elimination.

Meraz confidently flipped over [AdJs] for top-top, but was then shown the bad news when Dupu rolled over [8d8h] for a turned set of eights which left Meraz drawing stone dead.

The river came the [9d] which further improved Dupu to a full house to win him the pot and Meraz was eliminated after a quick chip count determined Dupu had him covered by a mere 2,000.

Rodolfo Meraz: 0

Sorin Dupu: 435,000


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