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Dudley Knocks out Satra

Level 17: Blinds 10k/15k/15k

Mark Jefferson opened to 35,000 but was three-bet by big stack Aclee Dudley to 136,000.

The action then folded around to Yogesh Satra who moved all in for 165,000 total and Jefferson quickly got out of the way as Dudley made the call to put him at risk.

Yogesh Satra: [7h7d]

Aclee Dudley: [QdQs]

Satra needed a lot of help to stay alive, but the runout of [JsAh2d8h5h] did not give him what he needed and he was eliminated from the tournament.

Yogesh Satra: 0

Aclee Dudley: 1,240,000

Mark Jefferson: 1,070,000


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