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Eisenberg Wins at Showdown

On a heads-up flop of [7d10h7h], David Shaw bet 500,000 and was called by Zvi Eisenberg to his left.

The turn came the [2d] and both players checked to see the [Qs] on the river.

Shaw thought for a bit before deciding to check again and Eisenberg checked back. Eisenberg then flipped over [AcJc] for ace-high and Shaw mucked after a quick hand funeral.

"I bet a million on the river, you fold?" Shaw asked him, to which Eisenberg nodded yes.

"Yeah, that was a good card for my range, I put you on pocket eights," Shaw continued as Eisenberg stacked his new chips.

David Shaw: 3,100,000

Zvi Eisenberg: 2,500,000


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