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Eric Toralba Flops Set to KO Willie Neugebauer

Eric Toralba opens 7,000 UTG and is called by Sanjeev Vora on the button and Robert Lee in the small blind before Willie Neugebauer moves all in from the big blind.

Toralba then shoves over the top for much more, forcing folds from Vora and Lee.

Neugebauer then tables [AcKd], needing to improve against the pocket pair of Toralba with [5d5h].

Unfortunately for Neugebauer, the flop comes out [Jc10d5s]

to give Toralba a set of fives for a big lead. Only a queen will save him with a straight, but the runout of [Kc6d] fails to provide and he is sent packing.

Nick Toralba - 205,000

Willie Neugebauer - Eliminated


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