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Event #6: $80 Super Tuesday Kicks Off

Cards are in the air and chips are being slung across the room as Event #6 of the TCH-Spring Fall Classic is in full swing. This is an exact replica of the normal $20 Tuesday tournament but it is now an $80 buy-in with a 15k GTD.

With their initial $80 buy-in, players will receive 20,000 starting chips, then if a player wishes to rebuy (almost certain), it will be $40 to receive 10,000 chips. They will be able to do this an unlimited amount of times. As it is a turbo, blinds will be 15 minutes in length and registration will be open until the start of Level 9 at approximately 8:25pm.

At the registration break, they will then be given the opportunity to add on 25,000 chips for another $40.


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