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Finger Licker: Nowling Turns Him Dead

Level 6: 400/800/800

On a multi-way turn of [Ac6d9s10s], Takehiko Kanazawa moved all in for 19,800 but then Jeff Nowling shoved over the top for a little more for 21,300 total.

The other players quickly got out of the way and the hands were tabled, with Kanazawa at risk.

Kanazawa flipped over [AhQd] for top pair of aces but then Nowling flipped over [9d9c] for a set of nines, which left Kanazawa drawing completely dead.

The board completed with a meaningless [Kd] and Nowling was awarded the pot while Kanazawa was sent away in defeat.

Jeff Nowling: 64,100

Takehiko Kanazawa: 0


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