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Fink Stays Alive

Short-stacked Richard Fink moved all in preflop and the action folded around to Ravee Sundara.

"Hmm, you seem like a nice guy," Sundara said to him as he thought about his decision, and ended up making the call a few seconds later to put Fink at risk.

Richard Fink: [9s4s]

Ravee Sundara: [6s8s]

"Oh yeah, let's get a chop," Sundara said as the flop came out [Ac3h3s].

And just his luck, the board ran out [10d3d] to indeed chop the pot between the two players, which everyone loves.

Fink was still a short stack but fortunately for him got it all in multi-way the next hand and flopped a set of eights to triple up and is now back in the game.

Richard Fink: 50,000

Ravee Sundara: 35,000


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