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Fireman Scott Triples Up

Level 5: Blinds 5k/10k/10k

On a flop of [10d4s9h] David Wang, Stuart Wilkinson, and "Fireman" Scott Dulaney got all the chips in the middle, with Wilkinson covering.

"Fireman" Scott Dulaney: [As9s9h7h]

David Wang: [KsQdJd10s]

Stuart Wilkinson: [AhQd4d4h]

Dulaney was in the lead with his set of nines but had to fade all of Wang's wrap-outs.

The runout came [2h2s] to give Dulaney a full house to scoop the main pot for a big triple-up. Wilkinson ended up winning the side pot with his smaller full house and Wang was sent to the rebuy desk.

"Fireman" Scott Dulaney: 133,000

David Wang: [KsQdJd10s]: 0

Stuart Wilkinson: 175,000

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