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First Blood Drawn- Bullock Eliminated ($810)

Jason Bullock opened to 12,000 under-the-gun and was called by Jignesh Patel to his left, but then Lawrence Lazar three-bet to 60,000.

Bullock then moved all in for less and Patel ended up making the call after some time in the tank.

Patel then checked in the dark as the flop came out [5s2hJd] and Lazar moved all in for 225,000. Patel quickly mucked his hand while the other two tabled their hands.

Jason Bullock: [KcQdQh10d]

Lawrence Lazar: [AcAhJs6h]

Lazar was in the lead with his pocket aces, and the runout of [10sJh] improved him to trip jacks to bust Bullock out in 18th place.


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