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PLO: Fitzpatrick and Fujita Eliminated as Bubble Burst

After some opening raises, Jason Fitzpatrick moved all in preflop for around 45,000 and was called by big stack Karim Bevans and Drake Roetker.

On the flop of [As9d2d], Bevans and Fujita got it all in and the cards were exposed, with Bevans covering.

Jason Fitzpatrick: [KhJc7d7c]

Drake Roetker: [KdKc2h2s]

Karim Bevans: [QdQs10d9s]

Roetker had flopped a set of deuces, but Bevans had a flush draw and got there when the diamond came on the turn and the board failed to pair. Bevans scooped the sizeable pot while Roetker and Fitzpatrick were eliminated on the bubble. Fortunately for Roetker, since he had a larger stack, he was awarded a min-cash of $600 while FItzpatcrick was the bubble boy.


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