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Gooch Triples while Yusuf Exits on Bubble

Jason Gooch moved all in preflop for 120,000, followed by Kamoru Yusef for 100,000, and then the action was on Ben Thomas who had them both covered.

After some considerable tanking, he eventually made the call, but when he showed up with [AcKs], he was met with some greif from the other players who believed that should have been a snap-call.

Gooch then flipped over an inferior [AhQc] while Yusuf had them both beat with [JhJc].

Unfortunately for Yusuf, the board ran out [10d9s6d3h] with the [Qd] on the river to give Gooch top pair and the winner. Yusuf quickly exited in a huff as he was eliminated on the stone bubble and Gooch just shrugged as he stacked his new chips.

Kamoru Yusuf - Eliminated

Jason Gooch - 366,000

Ben Thomas - 380,000


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