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Govori Gets Value; Rockets into Chip Lead

Level 15: Blinds 5,000/10,000/10,000

On a heads-up completed board of [9hqdac5h9d], big blind Genc Govori led out for 105,000 and his opponent, Ravee Sundra, was in the tank.

"What do you have?" Govori asked him after a while.

"A nine, but no kicker," replied Sundra, to which Govori seemed surprised.

Sundra then made the call but was then shown [9s7s] for trip nines and Sundra mucked his hand.

"I thought you had a nine, we would have chopped!" Govori said as he was pushed the pot.

"Do you really think I would have thought about it that long if I had a nine?" Sundra replied." I had an ace."

After losing that hand, Sundra was left short with around 5 big blinds and busted shortly after. Meanwhile, Govori jumped into the chip lead with 780,000.

Ravee Sundra: 0

Genc Govori: 780,000

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